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About you: Life is a journey and full of experiences awaiting for the soul to submerge and eventually triumph over obstacles.



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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

( )

Four days

I was waiting for answers to guide my dark way through
But all was left was just dusts and particles
Can I ever see the bright shine outside that used to shower my shadow?
Or am I trapped by my own choices that left me with no option?

I may not be the best but I have been the best I could for you
Four days it took to leave a decade of love
It seemed impossible, but accidents happened
If this is so, show me the light

Let me to hold on to it, as long as I could do
I want to bask on yesterday to let it remain close to me
If you are there come home my love
Coz I still hope for a miracle

And I will never be away from you
The window will always be there for you
It was set to pamper that sacredness of you
Yet for now that remain empty

White, purity is the nature you are
Four days have been since the day you left
You will always be my favorite of all
If you are still there come home my love
I still hope for a miracle.

11:12 PM

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

( saturday gals night out!! )

On 31st May, it was supposed to be a prom nite yet it was cancelled. Well the girls get nostalgic about JI and NUS and NTU of coz with a splash reminisce of our younger days( haha) and going on to the next phase of life; working!!! Well before that happens, we decided to get some good sweet dessert to savour our hungry palate

so where should we go???
emm...after hours of thinking..we find what we are looking for...
so we give a sweet smile!!
*Lame*was it XY idea?It is lar!!!SABO we went...

it was really fun...look at this picture below!!! before we eat the food...we savour the clean the palate
after that it got us giddy but at the same time excited for the dessert here it comes!!! oohhh sweet mama
okie this is mine...i just love fruits okie
this fella below is the best of the night followed by the hokkaido balls...I luv it emmm....just looked at the smiles we got

okie...I am vain...who is not???

we met up with sadako's twin sister who apparently to shy to face the camera

XY and MJL...
i think that tree is for her upcoming christmas celebration


okie people on a serious note...i totally miss you all...especially those that are not in the pictures...when are we meeting? btw I am free till 1 July...on top of that I have a plan that we meet up once a month for a dinner, outing, or update on our latest adventure so called..anything tagged okie...*hugs and Kisses*

Sayonara for the time being...

1:09 AM