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Name:Mariam aka MJL
About you: Life is a journey and full of experiences awaiting for the soul to submerge and eventually triumph over obstacles.



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Saturday, March 31, 2007

( games of choice )

Have it reach saturation yet? Hold on, I do not think so. Whenever I have this desire that I need to move on, I always try to reflect back on my past

This reminds me of myself still living in the past. How to move on? I have no answer to that and to tell frankly I am quite ok with where I am right now.

The nature of sound is to simply let the music goes to where it seeks the need for them. There is no need to rush.

How could I foresee my future when I have not settled my past? Some people grow older but never grow up!! What an apt quote for such pathetic situation that engulfs all the senses within this soul. Really there is a coveted desire to let go but it is hard

Let the game begins
Let us see the process of reaching the end
Let us just for--ward towards the end
Let’s just forget about the game and
Play it our way.

Look beyond the match of games
Was there a decision that makes the outcome?
Where is this invisible hand?
Let’s watch and don’t play

Crap what is talking left what is none
Gasp the mouth of foul words
Hold back and do not stop
Resist the motion of yesterday
Just keep quiet cos those who don’t
Will regret

3:35 PM

( while this is true )

I feel not so good with the sound that it seems so blue
Never in my heart
I wish that you will go
O, make me hold to you
Laugh the way you used to do

Hold back myself
Don’t wish to be sad
Hold back my tears
Don’t wish to regret
There is so many stakes
I can’t let go of you my love

Maybe you don’t know
The rhythm of this song
I make just for you

The pain to be with you
Is tremendous

Never want to be sad,
Never want to cry
Never in my heart

Wish you would feel the same way I do


3:07 PM

Friday, March 23, 2007

( )

I need to write this down or else I will forget about it

Dates that are important to me would be 9th February, 20th February 28th February, 3rd march, 6th march. It is not necessarily one that are good or bad it is just something that I need to remember for life else I forgot forever.

Some may say what has happened as a stupid and the silliest things that they ever heard. I know that it has hurt someone but I cannot be so nonchalant about things that are very important to me. On the surface it is hard to interpret why certain routes and ways of my life become like this. I am still learning. That is all that I can say. I blame no one and accuse nobody, in fact I believe that what has happened has a blessings and a story to tell. It is hard to swallow but it is definitely a lesson that I will remember for life.

What a car,
What a house
What a man to go with it
What a style that you got?

Fantastic route of life
Courageous way of saying
Boisterous words like weapons
Struck by the enchantment of evil
That separates me from you

You say that simplicity is the way
You say you had enough of life
You say you are tired of work
You say all you want is a family
All that is hold with creepiness of centric plan
Such deviousness makes one fall into an abyss of darkness

Too much is held, yet too little is believed
I am leaving this game goodbye!!!

Construction of MJL

11:10 PM