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Monday, February 25, 2008

( Just expressing myself )

Many a times they come and go
Many a times I thought this is it
Many a times too I miss it all
and in the end I come back to the 'start'

Many a times I wish this is it
Many a times it is not meant to be
Many a times perhaps my chance will come
and in the end, I let it go

Many a times I hear my friends whining
Many a times I thought they are right
Many a times that happen, It seems like a cycle
and in the end, I was left to suffer

Many a times I give promises
Many a times they gave me promises
Many a times we break it bad
and in the end we became shattered

too many, too much, too long and too tired..


2:12 AM

Thursday, February 07, 2008

( Amazing Race Asia season 2 )

I am not a big fan of Amazing race US version as I dislike the idea of running aorund the globe for clues...It looks like a waste of time and definitely a waste of my time watching the couples shouting, getting upset and bitch about other couples on air, but the asia version is pretty friendly. what makes it even better is that the final 3 teams are SEA couples.. It does show something about the SEA people though...we are tough and very adventurous. My favourite team is the sisters from Malaysia, why I like them? the simple answer is they are the underdog and they are the only female team, in the top three. Being a woman, I support their spirits.

The other two in the finals are the Philipiness Hunk and the Singapore Gym Buddies.. Many are rooting for the philipino to win as they have been coming 1st for many of the races...they have came in 6 times as 1st in most of the legs...Impressive but all is not lost for the Malaysian team as they would feel the pressure to win especially when their predecessors won the first Amazing race asia and the last season winner were gals,
so all is not lost yet..

my other favourite team was the thais babes...cute, bubbly and yea really hot to the eyes....anyways were eliminated on the 11th week...the last team to be eliminated was the dancing mums from Malaysia as well...they are very good at catching up but seems like luck is not on their side this time.

finally....I hope the malaysian team will win and I do hope to see Indonesian team next season woohoo!!!!

the couples for amazing race asia season 2

the duo that came first last episode: Marc and Rovilson

The singapore team that always came in second: Adrian and collin

My favourite to win: Vanessa and Pamela

the thai babes my fav as well but were eliminated: natasha and paula

10:16 PM

Saturday, February 02, 2008

( lazy to blog )

I just realize that I am very lazy to blog. why? I feel very tired to do anything and the recent incident of my wisdom tooth extraction makes me more lethargic. I visited the dentist last monday and the dentist did an x-ray and showed to me that I have four wisdom teeth and all four are attacking my 'virgin teeth', my conversation with the denstist went like this..
dentist: Siti, you have four wisdom teeth and all four need to be pulled off.
I suggest that you pull all off. I recommend a General anestashia (GA)
Me: ohh, I don't know that I have that many in my mouth. So is GA common?
dentist: No. this is because there is a risk entails to it. Patients that opt for this method may not be able to wake up on the right time.. it is like a temporary coma.
Me: for how long?
dentist: 3 days
Me: since there is risks why did u recommend it?
dentist: all surgery has risks to it..
It is not fun to go into coma I ask for other options
Me: any other options?
dentist: there are two more options, LA (local anestashia), in this case, you will not be
put to sleep and you will hear the drilling, the water and basically be awaked, but you will feel numb. you will experience swelling of the lower cheek and the upper jaw for at least 4-5 days after the surgery. its okay your hair can cover it (touches my hair to cover my cheek) LA can only be done on one side of the mouth and you will have to come back in a week's time to remove the other two on the other side of the mouth.
The other option is to do nothing. but I won't recommend that as the wisdom teeth will be competing with your virgin teeth for space and will decay them in the process. Virgin tooth is actually the tooth that has not been infected, decayed or covered with plague. it is entirely up to you
Me: wah, tooth can be virgin too.
dentist: yes (smile)
Me: I shall go for LA and not GA just in case I never woke up again
dentist: okay...thats great, you go and sign the papers and I see you at 2pm for LA. I will be the
surgeon responsible for your surgery. Are you over 21?
dentist: oh you have cpf and does not need parent's consent
Me: I think so
dentist: surgery is not expensive just around $800 and you can use cpf
Me: ohh!!!
Now, has been four to five days after the surgery and I am still feeling pain in my mouth. I cannot chew as the vibration is too strong for my gum to take it. I simply swallow my food and not chewing it. I feel like a snake and the worst part is I cannot eat chicken as chicken need to be chewed and dentist said do not eat tough food, it will worsen the swelling and cause unnecessary pain arund the mouth.
darn and so mum profound line " why do you seek trouble when trouble does not seek you?" I totally understand that and I am one of them....

3:31 AM