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Name:Mariam aka MJL
About you: Life is a journey and full of experiences awaiting for the soul to submerge and eventually triumph over obstacles.



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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

( things that are left unsaid to the lips )

Many things have changed ever since the last news on me. Things are in a stable manner although it is really not in a good shape as I want it to be. However things start to take its own toil and I am pretty happy about it. Nothing in this world is perfect and I know that many things are not in its order yet I am glad for being given a second chance to atone my previous sins

I have realized that in life what you see is not usually what you may get at all. In fact you may not get it at all. They may just play on your mind, feelings and thoughts and when they had enough of what they had done to you, they left you

Many a times a regularity a change of its own kind
Yet many a times it refuses to admit its existence
What can a mortal who is weak can do about it
Only to lament at the state of refusal

Many a words has come and gone
Yet many a times it seems to relax
You may come and go as you wish
But what still remains is just the pain

Long ago it may has exist without a trace
Now with more of you than of me
I know how you feel as I have been there

Let’s just let the past

1:32 PM