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Monday, May 30, 2005

( )

live and let live

It is really hard for a person to forgive the other person especially the other person has done great harm to that person. Woman is petty and they are the creatures’ that remembers very well if you are good or bad to her. Women are the most vicious creatures that are very dangerous at her very self.

So don’t play with woman. When they catch the person who does them harm they will not let you off just by saying ‘sorry’. They will let you be in torture.

As a woman I have to agree that women are simply petty, always suspicious of something. Even when a person is good or bad to her there is always this cautious and distance she would keep from you. When a person done something terribly to her she will not let the person off easily, she would do anything to torment her enemy. I am working in an environment where women dominate and there is always this conflict, crisis, hatred and jealousy going on inside that small ‘makan’ place.

Once I accidentally dirtied my colleague clothes, she gave me a stare that can even make a tiger goes blind, I was stunned.

Can’t she just live and let live anyway it is not on purpose.

My other colleague whisper to my ear and said that “ you better be careful she may want to cause you trouble”.

Well, I don’t care as I live and let live

Life is about being happy
Have food on the table
Satisfy the senses
Minimizing the frowns
Life is about making full
Use of your time,
Life is about catching up with
The ones you love
It is useless to always make the
Heart angry,
Make the eyes teary
Makes the lip sorry
Makes the ear weary
Makes the face frowsy

So live and let live

6:48 PM

Thursday, May 26, 2005

( )

Hays, won’t it be nice to just laze, eat, dream and no job at all. So ideal for a person who hates the four letter word: work.

Life used to be so wonderful; school was a great place to be in and friends have made your day brighter. Laughing at teachers’ carelessness e.g.: the management teacher who talks till her saliva spitted out from her mouth, the literature teacher who always answer her question and the geography teacher whose hair stands out like an antenna.

Miss the old days.

Friends were another chapter that makes life even great and better. Talk and gossip till drop. Talk about love, love and more love. XY who thinks that nobody really notice her finds her love in school. ALIUH who always say “I am invisible” do have crushes like those Fs guys… ha-ha. HEL well very chirpy like a bird always chirping and never seems to stop. Still she is chirpy as ever only that she has more things to chirp now than before.SAM, the woman that always in conflict between the flesh and the spirit and who always say “I want a boyfriend” “I want to be loved” finally have something to love... SKINNYHEAD, the man that eats nothing but vegetable even then he is fussy over which veg he wants to eat. Easygoing, amiable, always blur, but he is one man that can tolerate the girls’ nonsense and go with the flow. A great man and is still single. Miss the old days when eating at BK, Clementi, Westmall and canteen and the sharing of experience with friends.

Now life is more demanding, you need to work no more enjoy and fun, those days are gone. life is very monotonous and no excitement.Need to juggle between work and home, need to always be there to pick up the leftover pieces and need to tolerate people sarcasm and nonsense

A butterfly

So colorful
So beautiful
So mesmerizing
So enchanting

“Look at that it flies high”
It never cares for those below

“Look, it feeds on the flower”
It never goes hungry


You are so colorful, with you around life is not dull
You are so beautiful, everyone catch a glimpse of your wings
You are so mesmerizing; no one can stop watching you
You are so enchanting you make me fall in love with you


Your presence is for a little while
Yet I am not daunted
You will go away
Yet I still hope

The creation of you makes life more worth to live

Thank you for being there!

by: girl in an urban jungle

6:51 AM

Sunday, May 22, 2005

( Today and not yet tomorrow; )

The day of today brings smile, sad, laughter and anything that makes a complete dish.

Every other day is a special day just like every dish is special and unique in its own way. Never regard any day as a boring day. The today that goes will never come again tomorrow. The day and months may be the same but the year will definitely change and nobody can avert that. Have you realize that once today is gone it will never come again. Unlike in real life, fiction tries to make us feel better by creating all sorts of films e.g., back to the future and its sequel. Sadly we cannot run away from the fact that time is precious and we must treasure every moment of it and make full use of it.

Today brings many memories that can be keep and preserve for tomorrow and many days to come. Keep the memories as the person who contributes to those memories be it good or bad will go one day. All that remains are bits and pieces of that person, today remembered the person who make your day or break your day--

Today and not yet tomorrow

What happen today?
What are you doing today?
Today is today don’t think
Of tomorrow

Don’t make Today jealous,
Pamper it!

Tomorrow, tomorrow,
Is that all you can think about?
What about Today?
Spare a thought for that poor Today

And if tomorrow comes you will still
Think about the day after

Stop thinking about tomorrow-
That day will come but Today will only come once
When it is gone
What will you do?

By: wish today will always be today

10:24 PM

Friday, May 20, 2005

( The importance of education? )

Is education important to you? Has education educate you to be a useful person who is humble and ready to share your skills and knowledge with others? Do you believe in education? In Singapore context, education is a compulsory and every child must complete their primary six educations by law. It was reinstated on 2003.

Simply want to share an experience while working at Kartini restaurant. There are a number of youths working in the restaurant. By one glance it appears as if they are girls waiting to be admitting to polytechnic, or someone that is simply working part-time. They are only age from 15-18 years old. That is really young. They are working and slogging at such a young age when at this time most youngsters would still be studying and enjoy their teenage lives.

The truth is ugly. They are working not because they want to but are force by their own parents, by poverty and by circumstances that does not favor them. They may have the strength now to work and slog but in 10 years time her future remains bleak unless she changes it. Nobody cares for her future and nobody can change her fate unless she alters it. For her education is a waste of money as she was nurtured to raise money for her family. She only manages to study up to primary three. With such low education, where can one go to further his/her career advancement? The answer is nowhere. Such group can only find a lowly job for the rest of their lives; they could not scale the corporate ladder not to mention the social ladder. The fact is the number of youngsters not completing their primary six educations is increasing yearly and majority is my race.

Personally I do pity them for wasting their youth working. At such young age, schooling, love and fun should be their main agenda and not the issue of money. At their age I was still busy trying to complete my O levels, handling infatuations and friends. $ Issue was never in my mind. Coming from a poor family, I know the importance of education. Through education only can one break the vicious cycle of poverty and my parents stressed that umpteen times education is the key to a better life.

This is You

Shine or rain
Calm or chaos
Cry or laugh
Those are the events of life
Nobody can escape from that

Be alone or with company
Be together or separated
Be in love or out of love
Those are the events of life
Nobody can escape from that

He that creates you from liquid
Wants you to make full use of your life
He that says “will be it will be”
Never to blame him for what have become of you
This is you

You make your life, this is you
You make your day, this is you

You and just you alone, all that happens
It occur for a reason
It takes place because this is You

By: lost in an urban jungle

10:30 PM

Monday, May 16, 2005

( welcome to my modest Blog! )

Hello! Great welcome to you who by chance visit this blog. I have nothing to offer to you and I have no anime pictures or even a picture of my own to show you. Pardon my simplicity.

All that I have is just words, and more words. I hope that by this site I am able to keep in touch with my dearest friends to find out their latest endeavors. I just want to ensure as well that I am keeping in touch with technology as my sister mention “ah you don’t know blog. So old fashioned.” Well as a result of that and some of my friends’ persuasion I decide to give it a try. I must admit this is really cool and engaging as there are responses through comments. A beautiful creation.

Now I am leaving my pen to give room for the keyboard to express my thoughts. I am never a sweet talker or a person who speaks nice, I am just me. Words are my way of expressing my thoughts and I love doing that.

Tiny winy bits,
Sometimes I love you
Sometimes I hate you
I need you to make me happy
I need you to accompany me
You are my comfort zone
I hate you!
I cannot live without you
You are bad
You are mean
I am a limp without you
I am living on you
I am useless without you
I really hate you
You will not leave me alone
You are always there
Others do not understand our relationship
They will never,
With small tiny bits you solve the puzzle

I cannot erase you as you are…….

9:00 PM

Friday, May 13, 2005

( Are we still friends? )

What is the definition of a friend? According to the Cambridge it means a playmate you trust and a person you want to be with and a person you know well and regard with affection and trust.

Do you trust all of your friends and make them feel good about you? Or do you just call the other person your friend out of sympathy?

What is your definition of a friend? A friend is a person that always have that ears to lend to, support and respect my decision. He/she is the person that shares my weal and woes together. If I have no man in my life, second to it is my friend

Am I your friend? Am I someone you trust and you feel comfortable or is it that by making me one makes you feel a lot better? Do I have a place in your heart? Am I your friend? If I am why are you in apprehension and avoids my question? You dislike me? Please say if you think I am not good enough to be your friend? I may not have many friends but I appreciate each and every one of them. You may have many friends but do not take them for granted.

Have I ever make you feel sad, angry and bored rectify my doings as my presence is to make you feel happy

Honestly if I can sacrifice my happiness in exchange for yours by all means I will do it. I am nobody seeking for friendship with you. I am tired of breaking up friendships. All I want now is to prolong my existent friendship to a greater level if you permit it.

So are we still friends?

The lips may say” yes you are my friend” but how about the heart? The thing is you may try to lie to your friend, but I hope that you do not lie to your own self.

Those that deceive others are liars, but those that deceive themselves are losers-anonymous

1:40 AM

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

( if I can change the past )

There are times in life where a person
Is at the abyss without any ending
Without any light to torch the way out,
Without any hands to guide along,
Without any eyes to look for danger

These are the time where leaves starts to dry
The ground starts to frozen
The sky starts to darken
The animals start to disappear
Every single life starts to wilt,
Like the flower in the garden that chooses to die
As lack of admirers

What is it that makes it as fragile as life makes it to be?
The mind and the feelings always in conflict
The seasons always hates the weather
Nothing wants to compromise
Get on with life as usual but the regrets of the past
Still haunting

If you could change the past, would you?

by: the wish to be a better person

4:25 PM

Monday, May 09, 2005

( )

Waiting is a painful experience

Try waiting for a person for more than a decade and think again, do you get to see the person- hey you are still waiting and the person is nowhere to be seen. It is purely pain when the person you have been waiting to hear he/she says to you is avoiding you.

You might question whether if it is your fault or maybe you are just not destined to be. To wait for more than a decade for a person, a third party may say, “don’t be foolish get on with life”. Maybe it is really foolish to wait for a person that long and get Zero hint is painful. For so long suppressing this agony is not an easy task. Frequently, people ask, “Hey where is your guy?” Or” do you like someone?”-put it simply it is not a question that I wish to answer or face with.

Never wish to face this question or face the situation, the best way is to avoid by indulges in work and work and working 24 hrs. It is a scar that was left in a body and can never be erased; it is a pain that have long existed without noticing its presence. It is within the spirit that cannot be separated. Having been so used to waiting that a couple of years more are nothing.

Been there and having done that,
Nothing is more dramatic than life
It may give you the best you ever want,
It may give you the worst you ever imagine
So pain is the pleasure of life,
Have it, feel it, taste it,
What does it feel to be in pain?

Life is not only about pleasure,
Life is about being in a wheel, experiencing
The ride in a wheel is a fact of Being
Nobody is infallible,
Nobody is impeccable,

It is okay to make mistakes
It is fine to change the life
It is okay to feel bad,
As life is all about emotions and feelings

Been there and having done that,
Nothing can escape Him!

By: lost in an urban jungle

9:00 AM

Friday, May 06, 2005

( )

The upcoming event Mother’s day

One of the most important events in my calendar is Mother’s day. A very special day for all mothers out there. This is also the time for their children to show their love to their parents. Mother’s day holds a special meaning to all of us. Everyone requires a mother in order to exist in this world. In other words it is impossible to be living and inhaling the breath of earth without being born by a woman; your mother. Hence Mother’s day should be celebrated by everybody. It is like a religion and it is the only religion that can unite the whole world. Nobody dares to argue about where they might have come from.

If there is no God in this world, your Mother is your God-anonymous

That quote is apt. It is true. Who is the first person you confide when you have troubles? Who knows your temper? Who hugs you when you cry? Who tugs you to bed to give you warmth? Most importantly, who feeds you when you were born? The answer is your mother. No one knows you best like your mother.

Some may argue about biological mother or adopted mother. Personally there should be no preference. The person that you call your “mother” may not necessarily be your biological mother. She may be your adopted parent, auntie, grandma or your sister or may be your father who treats you like a mother. That is the person that you should respect and shower your love to. In other words the person you treat as a mother is your mother. There is no need to argue about my real mom or my god-mom, what is important both are your mothers.

It is definitely not easy being a mother. Carrying a child inside your womb is difficult raising it to be a useful person is even tougher. Some may say carrying is easier than raising it. Yes this is true. Not every woman can raise a child to be a useful person who is productive and respective in the society. Carrying a child is only 9 months and the heavy weight will be minus after labor. Then the woman may not feel heavy, nauseous, and moody anymore.

It is tough raising a child. To inculcate the right values and beliefs and instill to their mind plus nurture them to be an upright person, is not an easy task. Whilst keeping up with the effective way to communicate with the young ones, mothers need to ensure her child is not led astray. A mother need to multi task and able to win the heart of their children a job which a father shirks from.

My mother is the best. She has flaws and is infallible to mistakes. No one is impeccable in this rounded earth. I pardon her mistakes and I know she is trying her best to provide for us. She may be wronged in making decisions and sometimes in trying to get her point across, she may lose the sight to see at the right way, she show that she is just a human being. She may shout, yell, and scold us but she is doing it for our own good and I am glad I have her. She may not be well educated but she is the one that teach me life and contentment. She is the person that has caused me to be this way and educate me to look life with a positive attitude.

I want to say to her Thank You for always being there to support me, I love YOu

To all mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

6:26 PM