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Saturday, December 29, 2007

( End of 2007 )

The curtain for 2007 is closing soon and within 48 hours the world will celebrate the arrival of 2008 with vigor and optimism. Honestly there is nothing to be optimistic about especially with the volatility of the world peace and the fragility of the world commitment to fight against terrorism, global warming and social illnesses

The year of 2007 brings about many tribulations for MJL and many she wants to leave it as it is. This year witnesses the ups and downs being a human being and the vision to look beyond what is on the surface. The top ten things that have happened to MJL and what she can learn from it. The top ten list is a mix of happiness and of course some unwanted stuff that had happened yet worth mentioning as a source to reflect upon the mistakes and learn from the experience.

10: the intrusion of a third party into my small private space…though I dislike it…especially not knowing how he is like…I am prepared to just ignore it. This may sound very mean but he can really be a menace to my private space...anyways no pic of him..

9: boys are hiccups and disturbances to my actual goals…

Despite that there are some good things as well...

8: the most anticipating arrival of Adrianna….the shiny, bright eyes that never fail to seek my attention

he hair is like twetty a result of the operation

she is very small

zizu and adrianna

well....I never mention about hospitalisation...I have my own taste of medicine
sorry no pics....coz so pain to take one....

7: the downs of being a patient

certain good events you simply cannot shelve it aside...You have to mention it..coz it is awesome

6: The enjoyments of being with friends…somehow the events and gathering have made the bond stronger and tighter than it usually was.

the stoogers...

love their quirky me

well...being a private person, MJL does have her own share of happiness with her old man

5: knowing that somebody is always there to hold you tight…thanks Dad

the most VIP man in my life...period.

coming close is something that I have been doing the past 16 to 17 years is a very long and intimate affair

4: the results of my exams have always been the centre of my attention and I thank God for answering my prayers

3: finding Mariam at last…solace and tranquility…no longer is affected by the desire of the flesh

the best pic that shows me as myself...

how can anyone forget where she comes from...2007 is a difficult year and yet someone always seem to have profound lines for me

2: knowing that certain things are better left as it is and I thank Mum for that

mum hates camera...and prefer to type her computer...she is my Iron lady..Don't know what I will be without her profound lines...

okie..she is trying hard to smile..kuddos

Drum roll…

my number one is definitely something that opens up my eyes, makes me realize how damn fortunate I am and to stop complaining about the little things that I lack

the placement in SGH for 3 months have made me connected to who I am and what I want to be…that is the best thing in 2007!!!!

1. my placement in SGH and the new people that I the wonderful thing that ever happen in 2007...thanks Kaiting for the pic

Thank You 2007 and welcome 2008!!!! looking forward for a good new year ahead..woohooo

12:21 AM

( loss of a leader )

On 27th December just five days before the world celebrates the coming of 2008, the world is being shocked by the assassination of one of the democratic leaders in Pakistan. It is really a great shock to many and for me it is truly a loss for the Pakistani people as they are still trapped in the cage of extremism and radicalism. Miss Benazir Bhutto is an epitome of democracy and freedom for the Pakistani people that seek to get out from the political and military turmoil that has been manifested Pakistan since 1998.

Miss Benazir Bhutto is one of the many great women leaders that I admired. She is the first Muslim woman to govern a Muslim State and I truly admired her spirit and her courage to break Pakistan from the brim of destruction. Her political journey will remain a legacy and many will remember her for her strength and many will adulate her optimism to bring and move Pakistan to a more democratic society. She does not deserve to be shot nor does deserve to end her life in such a way. Like what she mentioned “God’s will nothing will happen if it is God’s will”, perhaps she had a premonition of her own death and she knew the risks but she is willing to face it. I hope that Pakistan will be able to find a new leader to lead and guide them out from this turmoil that may eventually turn into a civil war. I hope that all Muslims remember Benazir Bhutto for her work to get Pakistan out from terror and annihilation condition

Many young people will mourn for the loss of this woman, many too will mourn for their loss hope of getting out from a military coup and many too will mourn for more lives that will be lost following the aftermath of Miss Bhutto’s death. This is a tragedy for all Pakistani people. The young may never get to see how it feels to be free, to do what they want to do and have own autonomy to decide for themselves. The extremists and the military have forbid many democratic leaders from gaining power and now terrorists get a taste of playing the game of politics as well. When will violence end? How many innocent lives will be lost? How many children will be orphan, how many parents will lose their children and how many widows are they going to create?

Like a flower that blooms once sun rises
You give light and hope for your color shines
The tenderness and softness of your presence
Makes many wish for a better tomorrow
Many think your beautiful color is a trap to us
But you show it with Great Spirit
That you are here to aspire

Many not know what to expect
And you yourself leave it to fate
Letting go is the toughest part
But we all know beautiful color is not forever
I will remember who you are
For I see your true color
And that is beyond this universe

Like a night that blows in a dark side
It gives a chill down to the spine
Maybe the coldness did not stopped your soul
Coz, it will be here to remain

May God be with you and hope you find the light in the amidst of darkness

12:21 AM