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About you: Life is a journey and full of experiences awaiting for the soul to submerge and eventually triumph over obstacles.



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Thursday, July 28, 2005

( )

Has everything been all right and is the mind on the right side? It is tough to tell what is really true and what is false and what should be done?

My purpose here is not to make anyone confused or feel frustrated after reading that line. What is it that the mind is thinking and this always conflicts the heart. Usually we oversimplified certain concepts to avoid confusion and to avoid thinking too deeply into it. The mind wants this but the heart wants that. So which will you choose? It is devastating when the heart does not get what she wants. It is also frustrating when we keep on doing the unpractical stuff again and again. In the end this results in regrets. Between regrets and frustrates what will you choose?

No line is beautiful without vowels
No day is captivating without loving
Nothing can be achieve if the heart disposes
Nothing arise with no determination

Alas! the day if the harm comes back
Get rid of the mono that aims to hurt
Don’t wait for the reason to gulp
Make an amend, fulfill the desire

Likewise for now stay to remember!

12:17 AM

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

( )

Holidays are going to be over and a new term is beginning to show itself. I get tired just by looking at the schedules put up at the website. It kills the fun and joy of going to school.

There is a promise that this place is fun but I begin to think otherwise. The worst thing is that I am not even prepared to enter that place.

I am feeling reluctant and am not ready for any of this.

So much to say and nothing to write
With just an hour destiny may change
Loud as a bang but small like a needle
Movement of the wrist is the one to watch for

It may seems the weather is changing
It may seems everything is awry
But who really decides your destiny?

10:43 PM

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

( Am I on the right mind? )

Can’t sleep but feeling very tired
Can’t close the eyes but almost dream

What is going on? Why? How? Simply cannot answer the questions that keep popping on my head, simply confused.

Wish that my life is simple and I always hope that day will come…

Sadly happiness is a long journey….

I will keep on being strong

I love you mom!!!

1:54 AM

Saturday, July 02, 2005

( )

Lots of days have gone by and no new updates from this almost dead blog. Some virus are lurking in the system and glad that a doctor rectify the whole situation. Have to admit that writing is easier than typing. Have to admit I am still a person who uses primitive methods to express myself; writing

Cynical is all over the place and smile is a sin. Fighting very hard to be positive. My best pal mention, be ready to accept things with an open heart. Honestly it is tough with a burden on my shoulder and the whole situation just does not go the way that it should be

I have never wanted to be born this way
I have never desired to have a mole that could not be erased
I wish that things will work out fine

I am tired
I am weak

I have not much time left
Only words will be my representative
And the memories

I am …..

12:35 AM