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Friday, May 16, 2008


let's start with this! did u notice something different between the two above? speak a thousand words

as usual in the ferry, the two gorgeous ladies decided to test the lighting.

the dark gal is cuter!!!

of coz...there can only be one number 1!!!

I have no idea, this is a turkey..I wonder if they have a turkey dance?
guess...whose legs are these? looks like_____ arhhh...aren't they enjoying the freedom
Xy, in her most glamourous shot
before we head to batam..we were happy
we decided to stick together
and we smile alot
and more smile

YES!!! more darlie smiles

but someone is so excited...she wants to eat up her friend..

what an editorial/edgy pose that is...lovely

more of the two of them!!! emmm...they should share a room together...keke my breakfast and this is just 1/3 of itjust ladies...

this is the picture of our boss WONG...he protected us with utmost dignity and for that..thanks
for being the only macho guy around us...

lastly, i intend to have a bintan/ batam/tioman/langkawi trip next year!!!
anyone interested to be a part of the "sticky team"???
please register now...

2:13 AM

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

( long already )

I have not been blogging for a very long time and during these months many unfortunate events take place and I have learn to grow from it.

I have decide to leave many things to 'God' and I believe that HE has the answers to the many questions that we are seeking for.

Last month, I lost my grandpa on 15th April and I have yet to come to terms with that loss. Since exams was approaching real fast, I shelved it for 3 weeks and concentrate on the imminent issues at hand.

I avoid socialising eversince that day and only do so after the exams.

Long pass the time that goes through seasons
all that was left was the ashes of yesteryear
you make it clear if you are gone
what will remain is a legend
many respect was showered
as you are a man of wisdom
many a times we may quarrel
but your presence is etched in me
there is no secrets between us
but why till now, I feel unoccupied?
they said "it was done on purpose"
yet I do not believe so,
as you are a man of wisdom
A man of respect
I said "it is time for you to go"
Mum and I will keep it a secret.
Girl in an urban jungle (MJL)

2:19 PM