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Name:Mariam aka MJL
About you: Life is a journey and full of experiences awaiting for the soul to submerge and eventually triumph over obstacles.



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Sunday, April 22, 2007

( get it out now!!! )

Tired, sick, lazy and lame. The four adjectives explicitly describe the emotional and physiological dryness that have been overwhelming ever since the New Year starts.

So tired of school work, exams and tests and I am getting sick of this monotonous routine accompanied with a mundane calendar repeating its cycle every year.

Will I ever get out from this mundane cycle? Will I be able to do the things that I consider ME?

Why are certain things never ending? Pardon me, by saying this it is not a reflection of my desire to end this commitment to education, I am simply tired and lame with the same calendar that have been given to me. I need a change.

I am just tired of life this year and 2007 has proven that. It is not even half a year yet it manages to make me feel so ambivalent of the journey that I am taking.

Will it ever end? Things are repeating itself or should I say history repeated again. Can I have a new chapter please? I am simply tired of having to go through the same plot that He has given me. I am sick of playing the same role with the same character and the same ending. I need a new role a new scene with a different character and a better ending

Will it get better? One thing I know indulging myself in the works of Ramu, Kashou Kadushin Kilpatrick, Siddique, Shamsul, Rubin and the famous DSM lV have allow an outlet to release the tension that is conflicting between the emotions and the physical. Once I am done with it, I have to get a new one, will it ever end then?

That’s seems bleak!!!

Hover around the sky never seems to let loose
That is what you are to me

Controlling the remote of your desire and change when you want to
That is you to me

Being the shadows of the night, following every tiny steps of mine
You never want to let me off

Cruel some and troublesome in name
You never would understand

Fate and destined that is what your name is
The twins with double power a tool used by HIM

Girl in an urban jungle.

11:24 AM