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About you: Life is a journey and full of experiences awaiting for the soul to submerge and eventually triumph over obstacles.



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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

( GOOD MORROW 2007 )

So after a few months of missing in action, I finally got to type my feelings again. The year of 2006 has been a good one that I shall always remember and the many good events follow it. Still after a year has passed and yet I cannot make a decision I dun blame if he finds someone along the way and he likes the person, I would really let him pursue his happiness rather than sticking on with a person like me who cannot make a decision at all!

Nothing is flamboyant anymore. Life in 2007 starts with a rough patch and many ideas and events has to be stalled. I can’t imagine life is not going my way anymore. I feel so stressed when I think about it. My hope for 2007 is that life will be smooth sailing and I got what I want.

Cheaters of the world knows how the game goes
Sometimes one need not ask why it happens
Sometimes one just has to keep quiet to let the amateurs learn
Too much probing kills the fun of it
Too little knowledge hampers the development

Can I say something?
I am scared of being rejected?
Can the cheaters help me?
I wish to lose myself in the abyss of finding one true self
Perhaps I will never find it
I am glad I am still searching

While life is never straight route why we want it to be straight so badly?
Cheat the route find the way and escape like they used to do
Look how the others did and maybe you find some enjoyment in it
Or rather lead an altruistic life and be bored waiting for afterlife

Choose it and you earn it!!!

12:18 AM