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Name:Mariam aka MJL
About you: Life is a journey and full of experiences awaiting for the soul to submerge and eventually triumph over obstacles.



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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

( )

I have lost myself amidst the hectic and chaotic journey of life. The year 2006 promises yet another tribunals and challenges for the broken heart to get on with life. Year by year, I am getting older and is supposedly to be wiser, on the contrary I feel like a helpless child left with no choice but an agony that was left from the past. I try to feel optimistic on my outlook towards life and try to smile each day I wake up to the rising morning but will it works? Well, there is still a long way before I can make a conclusion.

I missed the innocent period
I missed the time that was lost
I missed the part where I used to laugh
And I care for no one’s heart

I missed you!

CB: will I ever have the courage to say that?

I have lost it-MJL

7:20 PM