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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

( loving them as they should be )

Twing of a lost branch of a tree trying to find the way back home. Sadly home was never found to be at the usual place anymore, leaving the forest all dark and quiet with no life that used to be the same. In the big forest of large trees and darkness of the nature allows Twing to seek camouflage from the enemy of his family, Tonga! The big gigantic Tonga was sniffing for the best branch to be consumed for his enthusiastic appetite, coming nearer and nearer, Twing could hear the breath of Tonga looking for his dinner. At this very moment Twing…….

That was a sneak preview of a story called “finding my way home” by Josh Martine that makes me wonder just how a simple story of a tree branch finding his way home met up with his enemy and only to make friends and fight the you know what, humans!!! A simple message do not allow deforestation and the cutting down of trees as they too have life PEOPLE!!!! Deforestation has done a lot to help natural calamities to be exaggerated and yes by the help of human’s natural calamities has become a common issue in continents like Africa and countries like Sierra Leone, Kenya, Congo and Brazil in the south America continent. So what do we get when we cut down trees? The promise of modernization and the influx of industrialization that has been a dream for many is what we think we will get. Take for example Indonesia Sumatra and Kalimantan where burning of trees and cutting them down is not a big deal because these people believe in something called a ‘Distant dream’. And well the word distant clearly shows that it is far and difficult to achieve. They dream of having big roads even like the highways in London and the dream to have concrete buildings like the one in Singapore where the people live like in a pigeon hole and the desire to trade agriculture to the world like the way new Zealand and Australia did, But can this archipelago achieve such standard in places like Kalimantan and Sumatra like in Jakarta? But why should they follow the country of the first world? Doesn’t Indonesia know that these countries do not achieve industrialization in a split of seconds? I love Indonesia and they should not allow the coveted desire of being the same like the others harm their own home. They should not listen to them but start to speak up for their own wants, the people wants not the authority wants

Long long road

Driving past the slope of mountains
I saw the beautiful wonders
Something which I have not seen in years
The serenity of that moment

I walked past the jungle and
The canopy be my protector from the harm
I used to received back at the concrete jungle
It feels so cooling despite the sunny sun above me

Following the flowing of the river
Leads me to the massive waterfall
It shows me just how large nature can consume
Yet it is still gentle

Ooh, is this how a nature should be?
Then if it is I want to be in it
The stories of volcanoes and mountains
The legendary bornhardt still lives in my heart
Nothing has changed, the desire still buried in

Let’s all stop destroying the nature on the name of modernization and industrialization!!!

Girl in an urban jungle

2:40 PM