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Friday, November 23, 2007

( will you ever understand it? )

cyclic pattern of events just repeat itself in a very similar manner and it is not that easy to understand the roots of certain cause. what is the pattern and how do one stop that cycle? why must it effect certain people and others only know how to look at the negative side of the matter without weighing the importance of that event? I will never want to look back and shiver, with chills runs in my bones and simply cannot understand it. will you?

Run away, driana

look at the sun bright that shines on your face
oh, it glows on you and you know
is it ever been that bright before?
the laughter that you brings is not costly as it is priceless
making the beggar down the road, understand why yo are here
it is not assests of gold that you might bring to one, it is peace

some how down the road, the glow starts to dim,
whose blame is it? Run away driana, this is not for you
do not allow the dark side get to you
why is this shine reflect back without caring for your presence
don't they know you are very important?
I have yet to hear the lovely sound of your voice,
won't it be cruel to stop the glow on you,
won't you want to be with us?
won't you want to sing and dance
Is it time for you to go?

Run away driana,
this is not for you.
is it true that happiness is a moment of seconds?
if it is, I do not mind the shimmering of glow dim
all I ask for , run away driana


11:00 AM

Sunday, November 11, 2007

( OMG, I forget his birthday!!!!u )

how could I forget Shah Rukh's Birthday??? His birthday and mine fall on the same day and
yet I forget it....I am so sorry My Darling are so cute....If I were to be
an Indian man, I will be ShahRukh...He is soooo Cuuuuutttteeeee

I love him!!!! I watch the world tour of Shahrukh on cable and he
is still Awesooomeeee. people go crazy...when the sponsor
starts to mention his name..he is damn big in UK!!!! and apparently
USA!!!! He shall conquer China and Africa sooonnnn

I just love it when he acts

Now, back to study....

8:59 PM

Monday, November 05, 2007


So, Happy Birthday to me:::::::haha
well...some of the pics that we took...I am not gonna talk much and shall let the pictures do the talking

this has to be my favourite..notice that the gals are soo professional at posing!!!

XY and MJL..nice shades

emm...pretending to be serene

Arnold is the best...chix speaks for all occasions
well...we are mafias afterall rite

the next day...went with my fren for dinner
at Hanabi!! great and sweet

the cartoon me!!!

I appreciate your great thoughts people...
thanks alot...

I am feeling all of your love!!!!hahaha


11:03 PM