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Sunday, August 31, 2008

( I am looking forward for you )

I went for training last Monday and Tuesday with regard to death and dying and finding meanings in life. I must say that the training is very useful that it makes me question about death and dying and what is my presence in this world?

To many, death is a morbid and even a taboo to talk about. For me, I talked about it everyday and it seems very therapeutic for me somehow when people express their fears of the ambivalence and saying good bye to people we love. When we talked about death, we are scared that we will leave many things unattended and many told me that “I want no regrets when I die” or “I want them to be happy so I can find peace”.

Dealing with these issues, can be very emotional when we have a lot of things to say but never say it aloud to that person. Very seldom in our culture, we say ‘I love you’ or ‘I seek your forgiveness’ or ‘I forgive you’. To us, death is such a distant away like a stranger that we don’t wish to know but come on it will happen one day. Anyway, it does not hurt to think about it. At least you know that with life there is death and with death there is separation.

So the next question is how we deal with separation forever. When it comes to death, the separation is not about one day, or one month, it is forever goodbye my love. Can anyone handle that? Many of us, after the death of someone we love, we still grieve deep in our heart and although that someone has passed away for decades, the memories is still there. Can we throw such memories? Impossible I would say. Many don’t wish to say about the death of their loved ones, as it is very painful and very difficult to talk about. The pain and agony is there, but most cover it with pretension, deceit and façade to live this life because many will definitely want the grieved person to be strong. If that is what they want, most of the bereaved members covered it up very nicely not to fall out from that expectation of not capable to deal with death.

I look forward to my death and every day I know I am near to death and one day I have to face it. I am scared and I am not sure how death will come and find me. Is it through sickness? Accident? Sleep? How? I don’t know. But what I know is that, I want people to forgive me for what I may or may not do for them. Forgiveness is exceptionally important to me. I must forgive and seek forgiveness. Next, if I have daughters in the future, I want them to bathe me or even my niece, my two sisters to bathe me. If I were to die before my parents, I want them to have a small feast for me on my birthday. If I were to get married and die before my husband, I want him to marry another one and be happy with his life. If I were to have children and I die when they are young, I will keep tapes of myself for them. I want them to know their mother, her hopes and dreams for them, her weakness and her wisdom that can be shared with them. I want them to know they have a mother although I am not physically there to raise them.



Vast as a desert that was your name
Clear as a sky that was how you feel
A moment of sadness is what remains
You were young when you say goodbye
Give us strength to see you go
Calm our hearts and let the tears fall

A month will pass and soon a decade too
Your love and generosity will forever etched
It is hard to see you shut your eyes
Right before us, you take your last breathe
I left my moment of present thinking about how that happen?
I thought you will be fine, ain’t that what we all hope for?

Your body was cold, your eyes wide shut
The tubes were many there but did it help?
You let them use the machine to bring you back
I saw you gasping for air and I say ‘God, please end her agony!’
When the expert said all hope is lost, that is not true.
Your hope was not lost but it goes with you

The earth is still damp by what happened
You left your loved, making him cry for the first time
Kneeling down begging you to see him
You love him and have said enough and
Your spirit of love will forever remains

I want to say I love you but I never did when you were here
Is it too late?


8:09 PM

Friday, August 22, 2008

( He is just not that into you! )

Lia came to Singapore and we decide to just hang out at the east side. We ate at Arnolds in Pasir Ris and she mentioned that the chicken was fantastic, well all to my credits of course. But my intention of writing for now is not about Lia, but about a book she let me read, He’s just not that into you by Greg Behrendt, Liz Tuccillo. This is a must read book for those that belong to this category,
1) single and finding the right one after decades of waiting
2) just broke up and finding the answers why he broke with me
3) seeking an answer how come it is difficult for some people to commit
4) waiting and thinking one day he/ she will change and accept you as who you re
5) thinking that it's ok to be in love with someone who is full of reasons why he cant be with you
6) it is good enough that he wants me rather than I am left alone on the shelf
7) Did I intimidate him? That’s why he did not ask me out
8) I want to love but it is ok if he does not reciprocate.
9) He promise to call/message but only do so once/twice in a week, giving reason, I am busy

Well for those that know me should know that I have a huge problem with all that. People always said that I am not going into the deep sea and all and I belong to those categories thus I am reading that book to get an enlightenment. One thing I learn is that it is ok if a man is not into you, move on and start to fish for more. Continue doing so because you will find one that loves you and vice versa. I must admit it is not easy but it is better to stick with someone who always make you feel insecure, unhappy, worry about your weight, he said you are fat, short, or too skinny or perhaps he said I still missed my ex, I am scared to commit, my mum don’t like you and blab bla bla. You may kick his ass and move out from that door away from his pathetic life. One thing that Greg taught in that book is that when a man is into a woman, he is not looking into any of that and if he feels that you are the one, and then you are the one. But of course for women, if he likes you and if you don’t, it is better to kick the bucket early than to wait long, trouble looms for those that keep on waiting.

Many women that I know always said “I have been with him for 2 years, how could he said he cannot commit, but he is so sweet to me”

Ladies, great that you are wasting your 2 years life and not 2 decades. A sweet guy that makes you baloney, is that sweet? He is not into you. A guy that is into you has no problems to commit, because he likes you and is into you. Listen guys like to chase girls, like to say sweet words and like to be with you if he is into you. The harder it is to get you, the more rewarding he will feel when he finally gets you! A guy that said I cannot commit is the same statement to I am just not into you!

Whatever reason a guy give, his mother just passed away, his wife left him or he has no job so he cannot commit, those are excuses. A guy that is into a woman will never let that woman wait because man is inpatient and persistent. A man that is into you will always be the first to ask you out, be the first to call you and if his mother hates you, he does not really care because he has you. Why? Because women are pretty gorgeous creatures that deserve to sit and be pampered!

Greg also mentioned that when a man is into a woman, he will do anything to please the woman! However if he is not into a woman, he becomes a complex and perplex creatures with all those excuses. Men are simple creature and like women, they want a companion! Maybe you are just not the one for him.
Move on gals, many men are waiting to date you and why let one man makes you suffer?

I have been there a dozen times and most men like to disappear into thin air, giving me excuses and saying blab la bla. A man that is into you has no qualms about who you are or what you want.

Remember gals, we are pretty, gorgeous and sensitive creatures that deserve a man that can love us! Those that can’t don’t waste your time on him!

8:48 PM

Saturday, August 02, 2008

( life thus far )

Work has been exciting for me and I love every moment of it by doing more work. A little update, I got my pay, got my name card and has some spending power. Unfortunately, I have not been able to spend much as I am tied down by some personal issues

My beloved aunt, uncle and a distant grandma was hospitalized and two are in critical condition in SICU. I am disturbed by their condition. Two are in coma and doctors have asked whether we want full resuscitation if their heart beat stop to function. As their niece, I do hope that they can pull through. I cannot believe that their condition deteriorate to such an extent within a short span of time. I have just lost my grandpa and I am not ready to grieve again. My aunt is my mum’s only eldest sister and I can feel that fear and uncertainties like losing my very own sister.

At this time is it right to be cynical?
Is the time for darkness is nearing?
You keep me hanging, I am still persevering
You let me loose, I still hold on to you

I believe in you from the moment you name me yours
I carry your name to make it known
What they say is right, “we are poor in health”
“Their family life is short” they say

We still continue as we have faith in you
But if you are leaving bring me along and
Close all the doors behind and shut our senses
Out from this illusion space

Girl in an urban jungle

10:59 PM

Sunday, July 20, 2008

( My life thus far!!! )

Been working for the past three weeks and next week according to my colleague, is our first month pay. Being a junior worker, I am very excited that I am going to get paid for my job.
Last Friday, I got 3 new cases all with discharge and care problems. And what I learnt from that is to manage my time properly and I am not going to back out because of that. My supervisor jokingly said, “So fast burning out already?” As usual, I laughed at that but deep inside I ask myself if this is what I want. My heart says go easy on it and let yourself makes mistake. That was the first time that I got 3 cases in one day and as a beginner I was surprised that I manage to interview all three but I did not do my home visit as schedule and that makes me upset. I guess I put a lot of hopes and expectations to perform on my first week of handling cases. Next week, I just going to take things very slowly and try not to be overzealous with work.

Till then, people that read my blog, I appreciate u all. We may not see one another on a regular basis but if got time, do message this old friend of yours…because I cannot message during work but I will get back to you after that….

4:55 PM

Sunday, July 13, 2008

( updates... )

I have started work for two weeks now and will be handling my own case after this week
Regarding about the commencement, a friend of mine said, it was much disorganized and ‘I feel not special by their treatment’. I feel the same way as she does and the ceremony was not what we had in our mind. It is all one for each own and I was so upset with the whole arrangement I decided to leave early for my dinner with family.
Commencement should be a time where students feel that they are special e.g a gift from the school would be nice and as a student from that institution, I was not very happy with their service. I believed that as a student who pays for her school expenses has the right to feel ‘special’ on that day. Anyway, enough of that.

I met up with an old friend of mine. He is still very oddly cute to me all these while and as usual, we chatted and our conversation went like this;

Chuan: yam, I found love have you found it before?

Me: I think I found it before

Chuan; what did you do with it?

Me; I let it go.

Chuan: huh!! How come? Aren’t we supposed to keep it?

Me: why keep it when love is to share

Chuan: you mean you let go of the person that you ever love to go away from you. I think that is not fair for you and him. What happened?

Me: I did not say that. I meant I found love and gave my love to him. If you keep it, he will never know it. Why would you keep your love?

Chuan: Oh, so you mean, find it and let it go to that person

Me: yes guochuan dear!

Also an update on more of me!!! I received an email that insinuates I am being inconsiderate and mean! The content of the email is very biased and is directed at humiliating me as a person, a woman and most of all a friend. I can’t fathom why some people cannot speak up for themselves and need others to help them on this matter. It is very unfair because the person that wrote the email do not seem to have the slightest idea on the issue that was being discussed. Furthermore, the email seems to imply that I am not matured enough to handle the matters of human relationship and as ‘a graduate’ I should know it better. All I can say is that this is utterly rubbish because my education has got nothing to do with this matter and being a graduate does not mean I am more ‘expert’ than anyone else in human relationship. We are humans and we all makes mistakes and why some people like to put my education as a measure of my actions. This is not justifiable for anyone especially where clarification matters to me. The person that wrote the email heard only one side of the story and believed that person words hence formulate a conclusion on who I am without even hearing from my side.

Sometimes love makes the mind being clouded so much by the intense emotion that our actions show that ridicule in us as a person. I did not blame anyone on what has happen because many things happened for a reason.

Chuan advice is to forget about those mean people and get on with life. I am a fighter and I will not just keep quiet especially where accusation and assumption matters. I hate to be assumed and misunderstood. I have been keeping my cool far too long that let people capitalize it to hurt me. People like this will come along my life again and if I keep ignore it, I will feel unsettled. So my question is, will you keep ignoring things even though that is an accusation? Think about it

12:02 AM

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

( )

Four days

I was waiting for answers to guide my dark way through
But all was left was just dusts and particles
Can I ever see the bright shine outside that used to shower my shadow?
Or am I trapped by my own choices that left me with no option?

I may not be the best but I have been the best I could for you
Four days it took to leave a decade of love
It seemed impossible, but accidents happened
If this is so, show me the light

Let me to hold on to it, as long as I could do
I want to bask on yesterday to let it remain close to me
If you are there come home my love
Coz I still hope for a miracle

And I will never be away from you
The window will always be there for you
It was set to pamper that sacredness of you
Yet for now that remain empty

White, purity is the nature you are
Four days have been since the day you left
You will always be my favorite of all
If you are still there come home my love
I still hope for a miracle.

11:12 PM

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

( saturday gals night out!! )

On 31st May, it was supposed to be a prom nite yet it was cancelled. Well the girls get nostalgic about JI and NUS and NTU of coz with a splash reminisce of our younger days( haha) and going on to the next phase of life; working!!! Well before that happens, we decided to get some good sweet dessert to savour our hungry palate

so where should we go???
emm...after hours of thinking..we find what we are looking for...
so we give a sweet smile!!
*Lame*was it XY idea?It is lar!!!SABO we went...

it was really fun...look at this picture below!!! before we eat the food...we savour the clean the palate
after that it got us giddy but at the same time excited for the dessert here it comes!!! oohhh sweet mama
okie this is mine...i just love fruits okie
this fella below is the best of the night followed by the hokkaido balls...I luv it emmm....just looked at the smiles we got

okie...I am vain...who is not???

we met up with sadako's twin sister who apparently to shy to face the camera

XY and MJL...
i think that tree is for her upcoming christmas celebration


okie people on a serious note...i totally miss you all...especially those that are not in the pictures...when are we meeting? btw I am free till 1 July...on top of that I have a plan that we meet up once a month for a dinner, outing, or update on our latest adventure so called..anything tagged okie...*hugs and Kisses*

Sayonara for the time being...

1:09 AM